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Roel Wilbers

  • - Coaching
  • - Training
  • - Physio


How wonderful that you have found my website!

My name is Roel and I help people in several ways to be able to function optimally in life, in line with who they are and actually really want.

To make this happen, I use several different approaches and more about that you’ll find on this website. I am broadly orientated and it all started in the first years of me working as a physiotherapist. After graduating I enthusiastically started working but soon found that despite all the knowledge I learned, I wasn’t able to help a lot of people completely.

This gap I tried to fill with additional education the first few years but after quite some courses and degrees within my profession, I came to the conclusion there is more than just the physical. Professionally as well as personally.

This led me to development in other areas. The many different courses and intensive self-study in multiple approaches, gave me the knowledge, tools and certifications to work as a trainer, coach and therapist in multiple areas. Next to physio, manual and occupational therapy, I nowadays also work as a meditation trainer, breath coach and personal coach, teach courses about subjects like stress management and working with your energy level and I also organise retreats. More about my path to this you can find over here.

Broadly orientated but with a specific underlying goal

Although what I offer is quite broad and divers, in all subjects I really dove in deep in practice as well as theory in the different phases of my life. Also I got my certification where that was possible and often at more than one education institute or training provider. The education I received becoming a physiotherapist with knowledge about the body and health, and the experience of working with people, gave me a strong foundation for all the rest.

Underneath this broad offer and what connects all, is that which drives me most and enthusiasts me every time again when I get to work with someone. My drive is to help people connect with themself and experience themselve what it is that they are really looking for and need. Through whatever path this is, physically, mentally or energetically, I guide people to come to functioning optimally. Which means in good health and through your specific path in life.

All the answers for what functioning optimally is and is needed for that, are already present inside yourself. I help to translate whatever you run into, what your system tells you and to get to the surface what the deeper message is. This I do from a broad basis of knowledge and skills I gained through the years and I also trust strongly on what I pick up intuitively and I can read between the lines. This makes my approach focused on you as an individual and one that goes beyond just theoretical concepts and philosophies.

Why me?

There are a lot of therapists and coaches out there. What on the one hand is great because there is a big need for it in the challenging times we live in. On the other hand, where so I need to be? I have excellent colleagues in the many different areas I work in and each one of them has something that makes him or her unique.

Where my strength lies, is that I can see multiple levels and make the often less clear or graspable like energy or mental processes, concrete and clear in a down-to-earth manner and in the language of the person that sits in front of me. This applies for physical problems, often because of moving insufficiantly, mental overstimulation due to the enormous amounts of input and restlessness nowadays, or being low in energy because people lose the view on what they internally really want in all the external turmoil.

The approach in your ‘language’ and worldview is essential for an optimal result because every human being is unique, has a different story and needs a custom made approach. With me you won’t find standard protocols that I apply. Although also I can’t help everybody, I can offer a wide range of expertise to help people to find their path again when they momentarily lost it. And all of those you can find on this website.

I work with groups, within companies or with one-on-one trajectories, all with the same goal; to help you as an individual to feel well again and to find and walk your life path.

Are you curious about what I can do for you and do you like to work with me on a specific topic? Let me know! I love to help you on your path towards where you want to go.