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Roel Wilbers

  • - Coaching
  • - Training
  • - Physio


Living in this time and society is probably more demanding than ever before.

There is an enormous amount of stimuli and input and barely any real relaxation anymore to process and reflect on all of them (and with real relaxation I mean without screens or activity). The options and possibilities of these times are countless and mainly overwhelming. The expectations that accompany them are also mostly sky high. Combined with the ratio and thinking that is the standard in our society and leaves less room for and even overrules our intuition and what we actually feel, there is the perfect recipe to lose track and direction in your life.

That people lose balance, overview and the direction that fits them in life, also shows itself in the stress and burn-out statistics nowadays, where the percentages are higher than ever before. How many people do you know that are continuously in an ‘on’-modus? Feel that they are following life instead of leading it? Feel overloaded and overstimulated? And maybe you are one of them?

A coach helps you to determine your direction again and refind your balance.

What can I do for you?

As a coach I guide you to find where you lost your direction and balance. In that process I mainly  reconnect you with your own wisdom. What your own intuition and feelings tell you. Something that we often have a hard time accessing nowadays. It is also something that is often hidden under or obscured by our ‘personal emotional luggage’ and beliefs that we took on in our life.

By pointing the focus in the right direction, the flow in your life will return. Because everybody is different, I work with what you specifically need and not with set and rigid methods and protocols. My approach is holistic and therefore not focused on just one topic like work or relationships. Often that is just where the underlying problem surfaces. At my website doorfocusnaarflow.nl you can find more info about what I offer and book a one-on-one session with me.

How does it work?

The most important thing with finding the right coach for you, is that you feel safe and understood and that the approach suits you. My approach is focused, concrete and to-the-point and also I am not the best coach for everybody. Are you curious if we are a match there? On my website you will get an idea about how I work and can you read how other people experienced my coachings in the testimonials.

Does my approach suit you and do you feel I can help you with where you run in to in your life? Take a peek at my offer and send me a mail to make an appointment!

Why can I help you?

I am not your average coach and also walked a different path than most coaches to become one. My approach is unique and is not based on one method or education. A lot of my knowledge and skills have its basis in the many years I worked as a physiotherapist. Spending twenty years, five days a week, and daily with on average fifteen different people half hour sessions one-one-one, you get a vast amount of knowledge about how people function and start to discover patterns in the things where people run into.

Also I learned a lot about how the mind works and where the pitfalls are in the years I spend in Buddhism, thee thousands of hours I spend meditating and the many courses and trajectories I made regarding personal development. Last but not least I learned a lot about people and different cultures during the many travels I made and the volunteer projects I worked in, internationally but also in the Netherlands like the years I worked in a hospice.

All of that still doesn’t make you a coach. In my training with Eva Divya I learned how to translate all of this to coaching and how to really ‘read between the lines’ to get to the core of things. Through the years that lead in a very natural way to me starting to coach more and more people and finally starting my own practice. On the My Story page on my website, you can find more about my path and the experiences of the people that worked with me. Below already a few of these.


Francesca (25) from Zurich


Thanks to Roel’s teachings, I have been able to explore different sides of myself (and of the world) that were still unknown to me. He will probably shake his head when he reads this and he doesn’t like to call himself a teacher, but he has been definitely a great one for me. He was able to teach me and show me what I was ready for (and need) during my stay in Amsterdam and that is one of the best gifts someone can ever give you. Thank you Roel!

Paris (28) from Wellington

Operations manager

Through ‘planting seeds’ and working with energy Roel has helped me learn to tune into my inner self. I feel reconnected, grounded and excited for the journey ahead. He coached me through some big life decisions and for the first time I feel I’ve made them with clarity, and without my head leading the way. Roel creates a friendly and comfortable environment for the sessions. His coaching method is approachable and he was able to communicate exactly what I needed to hear in that moment, equipping me with the tools to go out into the world!

Stijn (27) from Den Haag


Roel helps me to gain clarity in what for me is a grey area and can’t get to the ‘truth’ myself. He gives me a push in the right direction by information or advice, so that I get the answers that brings the flow back into my life in different areas. I met Roel when I was pretty stuck and had trouble to find clarity, direction and myself in the situation I was in. With his unique approach Roel gave me the information and truth back which made the engine run again. I had several very special encounters, sessions and I feel a lot of gratitude for his unconditional help!

Julia (19) from Amsterdam

Student Medicine

Roel his guidance gave me a new chance to feel mentally well again. After a rough year I lost all my flow and had a little to no self-esteem anymore. Roel gave that back to me and helped me to find peace of mind again. The sessions were very relaxed and I felt very at ease. In no time I felt better about myself and I know that I can benefit from what I learned for my whole life whenever I need it. Thanks Roel!