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Roel Wilbers

  • - Coaching
  • - Training
  • - Physio


The developments in our society are so fast that it is almost impossible to stay up-to-date. Training cover that gap quickly for the area you seek knowledge and expertise. It makes people more aware and independent and they are able to adjust quicker when challenges occurs or problems arise.

Through the years I gave hundreds of trainings for several different groups of people and employees. Also I developed several trainings on different topics. 

Click below for more in these specialised areas:

What can I do for you?

I train about the things I am passionate about myself and it all comes down to your wellbeing, physically as well as mentally. Training a group of people is one of the things I enjoy most and I often get the feedback that people notice that and it’s of course nice to hear that my enthusiasm and energy comes across to the people present.

I develop training material for as well individuals, universities as the corporate world and they can address a broad range of topics. Some of the workshops that I recently developed and executed are:

Physical wellbeing

  • Work problem-free with screens
  • Lifting weights for warehouse employees
  • Working without problems for government employees that work outside
  • Working with your energy level
  • An introduction into meditation and breathwork
  • Breathwork; breath yourself healthy and strong

Mental wellbeing

  • Mental health in the current busy and demanding times
  • Dealing with stress (focused at individuals, students or companies)
  • Learn to meditate
  • An introduction into meditation and breathwork
  • The power of intuition
  • Optimalise your productivity and performance of your brain
  • Improve your relationship with your smartphone

In each training I strive for accessibility and that the content is practical and applicable. This should be the basis of every training in my view. Or in the woerds of Albert Einstein: ‘if you can’t explain it simple way, you don’t master or know it wel enough‘. Also interactivity and attention for the specific problems or challenges the attendees run into is an important focus point for me and my each training is focussed specifically on the group that it is for. Just like an individual coaching, also a training needs to be custom-made, so within each different setting the training is a bit different as well.

Whenever I work with experts in a certain field, I am open to their views and experience and interested to know their opinion and feedback. Just telling someone what the trainer thinks they should do, is never an effective approach. The training itself is focused and goes into the depth of the matter and is at the same time in a relaxed and open atmosphere.

Because of my broad background in as well physical as well as mental wellbeing, I also develop training material at request. Are you looking for a training around a certain topic for a group of people, like your department within the company? Let me know and I will look for what I can do for you.


The duration of each training is as mentioned, determined by the one requesting it and can always be adjusted to what is desired.

The rate is determined by the duration of the training. To realy be able to get a message across, a training is normally two hours. The rate for this is €699,- excl. BTW/VAT.

It is also possible to book a training of an hour (€499,-), one and a half hour (€599,-), three hours (€899,-) or four hours (€999,-). The mentioned rates are for companies BTW/VAT excluded. I also provide total day programs with multiple workshops and more info about that is on request.

The mentioned rates are for groups up to 40 people. For bigger groups, rates can be requested by mail.

If the location is in Amsterdam, there won’t be any charges for travel expenses.

If you want to book an not-company related training, please contact me for the rates.

How does it work?

Let me know what you are looking for and I will provide you with a custom-made training. Most of them are one session and they can be as long or short as requested. This can vary between one hour up to a complete day program.

I can arrange the training location if requested. Often that is in the Jordaan, but a different location is also possible. Training for companies are often within the company itself and more that a relatively quiet room with presentation equipment I don’t need. Also here it is possible to arrange a training at an external location of course.

Why can I help you?

As a result of my experience, educations and broad interest, it go tan expertise in developing a training that has solid content, is accessible and is brought in a clear, structured and if possible easy going way.

For the physical wellbeing I have training as a occupational therapist and have many years of experience of training within companies. Also in the area of mental training I gained a lot of experience. I had hundreds of people attending my meditation training the recent years as well as hundreds of students that attended my training about stressmanagement. Below the experience of a few people that attended a training of mine.


Niels (40) from Vinkeveen

Owner practice for physiotherapy and enterpreneur

Roel knows how to create a relaxed, safe and open atmosphere during his courses and workshops I attended, time after time again. What especially attracts me in his approach is his clear and concrete way of delivering the content and that he supports the information he gives with references to scientific research.

Simone (25) from Zurich

Fysiotherapeut en danser

A workshop with Roel is not just learning about meditation, he gives you the tools to practically implementing what you learn in your life. After my first workshop my life looked different than before and it still looks different now. He has a unique way of teaching and explaining, very clear, easy to grab and approachable for the most different kind of people.

Roos (22) from Amsterdam

Student Healthsciences

I attended the workshop mental health and stress management with Roel and that was really nice! It gave me a nice reality check. Next to information we got many practical tips and learned breathing techniques to really get grip in daily life. I am up for it again! And will return again for another training;)

Pauline (41) from Amsterdam

Public speaker

Roel’s meditation training I attended was a great experience because of his clearly noticeable professional preparation, experience and expertise. Because of the years of meditation experience I already had and several courses, workshops and retreats I attended I can say: “Roel knows what he’s talking about and ‘walks his talk’!” I can recommend everybody that seeks guidance in deepening or connecting to meditation to go and see Roel!

Sander (21) from Amsterdam

Student International Business & Management Studies

Thanks to Roel’s training Stress Management, I got new insights in how I can handle certain situations better and did I learn techniques that help me to achive calmness in stressful periods. I was happily surprised with the result and experienced it as a super interesting and informative workshop. Also my questions afterwards were answered completely.