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Roel Wilbers

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As a multiply certified breath coach, I train people in and through their breathing in one-on-one or group settings. This I do for people with breathing problems or other physical or mental issues like stress and chronic ilnesses, as for people that want to optimise their the balance in body and mind and performance in work or sports through breathing. Also I give breath training for woman during their pregnancy.

Are you interested in one of these sessions? Let me know and we plan something as soon as possible.

Breathing is more than just a basic physical process

Breathing is an automatic driven mechanism in every animal. It is more than just an automised physical process in the body though and you can use the breath for many other processes. It is even one of the quickest ways to change your mentale as well as you physical state and that is because it taps into the deepest parts of the nervous system; the autonomous part.

The autonomous nervous system can be seen as a kind of thermostat and regulates, fully automatically and independant (autonomous), things like blood pressure, sweating, heart frequency and blood acidity. And so also your breathing. The influence of the autonomous nervous system is big and overrules the part that we can consciously regulate easily because it is all about survival. Therefor someone will never be able to end their life by holding the breath. The urge to survive is too big and your system will always take over.

Of all the things that can be regulated by the autonomous nervous system, the breath is the only function that we can consiously influence. In this way we can influence the deepest and most powerful parts of our nervous system.

Breathwork is very easy to do. You don’t even have to be capable to physically move to with your breath. Still it works deep into your system and can lead to many changes, even within seconds. Breathwork consists of becoming aware of your breathing and what it can tell you, and of consciously and specifically changing your breathing to what it is you want to achieve.

What can I do for you?

Since I dove into the magical world of breathing, I completed two courses to become a breath coach. One was about using breathing to break through emotional barriers and disolve them, the other to help people with airway and breathing problems through specific exercises.

I guide people one-on-one, often within the practice for physiotherapy where I work, give trainings about breathing and pregnancy and during childbirth and I lead breathclasses for groups.

Breathwork and breath practices is also a returning part on my retreats, where I combine that with meditation and yoga. Next to all of this I am currently making the course ‘Breathe yourself strong and Healthy’, in which participants can learn how breathing works and what it can do for us and also what it tells us about ourselves. Because during our lifetime we develop a specific breathing pattern, based on the things we experience. Your breathing pattern tells your story because due to trauma’s, persistent stress and insecurities, the breathing in certain areas of your body will be tensed or we don’t want to go there anymore with the breath and the breathing becomes less open and free. This can lead to problems and keeps the experiences that caused them alive. On the other hand the breath can also break the vicious cirlce. And the best thing about it is that we use a natural method of the body itself and the body knows what to do and by breathing more consciously and releasing what is stuck on the inside with it, things start flowing again automatically.

My approach is just as with all the other things I do, concrete, down-to-earth and to-the-point. I use practical and accessible methods that are aligned with the group I work with and my trainings can be done by complete beginners as well as very experienced.

How does it work?

  • Breathclass: evey Monday I teach an online Breathclass at 20h30. This is a group session with breathing exercises to restore the balance inyour system and let the breath flow freely again.
  • Course Breath Yourself Strong and Healthy: in five lessons of around two hours we dive deeper into breathing with physiology, anatomy, symbolism and energetic meaning and of course there is also practice. As soon as I finished it I will announce it here. If you like to be kept notified of this, let me know through the contact area below.
  • Meditation-breathwork retreats: more about my retreats you can find at my meditation website
  • Breathing during pregnacy and childbirth: workshops and training, individual or in groups
  • Breath therapy: are you having problems with your breath or lungs and you like to book a consultation with me as a physiotherapist? Also people that experience breathlessness or suffer from long-covid I often can help. More about me as a physiotherapist and how to book an appointment, you can find here.

Recent activities


A long weekend full of breathwork, meditation, yoga, healthy food and nature.

BREATHCLASSES – October 2021 till April 2022

Weekly breathclasses at Yoga Zentrum Nada


With an enthusiastic group of people a long weekend of breathwork, meditation, yoga, healthy food and nature.


Every Monday evening at 20h30 an online breathclass


During the Healthweek of this nice and fresh company I gave breath workshops to the ones interested in it.


Under great circumstances a long weekend full of breathwork, meditation, yoga, healthy food and nature with classes outside in the sun.


For the mental welbeing platform OOPKOP I gave next to meditation, also breathwork masterclasses for their network.


At World Mental Health Day I was booked at Fluor for a lecture about this topic and of course breathwork and meditation had an important role in there.


For the second time this year I went with a great group of people to Enkhuizen for a retreat with lots of breathwork, meditation and silence.


For this nice and fresh company where I provided trainings for their healthcare workers before, I gave a workshop and this time on breathwork and meditation.


A workshop for pregnant women and their partners during at Verloskundigen Vondelpark.


A full day of retreat filled with breathwork, meditation and good vibes in the super nice yogastudio of YogaZentrum Nada. Together with a great group of people we raised 750 euro for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria a few weeks before.

Why can I help you?

Next to being practicing breathwork for years now with in Tibetan Buddhism with non-public fire breaths, with Wim Hof sitting in an ice bath, many yogaclasses and having read a lot about the topic, I also did courses in Pranayama techniques, SOMA breathing, Kasper van der Meulens classes, the Add Heart Facilitator course of HeartMath and a few more.

Also I am a certified breath coach for Annette Weers and the Buteyko method.

The best of all of this I offer you when you come to my breathwork trainings and classes.