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Roel Wilbers

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Course Get into your Energy – Lesson 4


This lesson is fully about being grounded and grounding. Enjoy!

And here the audio recording of the class:

Extra’s with this lesson

The audio of the grounding meditation (23 minutes):

Grounding mat or products through Earthing Nederland

Are you interested in a grounding mat or product? The official Dutch site for Earthing is where I get my products. Their website is www.earthingnederland.nl.

Als deelnemer van deze cursus krijg je 6% korting met de code BEAM2020.

For this week

Be more aware if you are in your body or not and how much space you take in in a room or group

Do the belly breathing exercise in the evening in bed and/or when you feel stressed or restless

Be aware how others hug (do they stand on their toes and are they present in their bodies) and of course how you do that yourself 🙂

Seek nature, preferably bare footed on the sand, grass or in the water, and see what happend if you touch a tree

Experience if sporting (consciously), yoga or gratefulness exercises help you to get into your body more

Do the grounding meditation for more grounding

Massage the Yonguan/Kidney1-point under your foot for more grounding

Test how many planets you use and learn more about Earthing or Talking Trees through the links

Reduce the electro-magnetic radiation by making a knot in the cable (not too tight) close to where it enters the wall socket en see if turning around the plug changes the experienced static radiation