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Roel Wilbers

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Treatment of tailbone pain

Pain at the tailbone, also known as coccydynia, is a problem that can lead to a lot of discomfort and strong limitations in daily life. Although almost no doctor or therapist knows that these can be solved and there is an effective therapy for it (and I was one of them), they are very well treatable.

Around 80% of the people that visit me, leave again, often after only a few sessions, totally free of pain and problems.

Do you want to know more, click the button below for my website about tailbone pain and the treatment of it:

Through the button below you will find an article in het AD (a Dutch newspaper), which also was published in Het laatste Nieuws (Belgium newspaper) of June 2023 about tailbone pain.


from Zorgkaart Nederland 01/12/2022

For years I wasn’t able to sit normally due to tailbone pain. After seeking help several times of my GP, I thought there was nothing left then accepting my “deviated” tailbone of to undergo a scary operation. Until I was referred to Roel. A problem he understood straight away, explained to me what he saw and it simply solved it in a completely painfree way and a minor movement. After 15 minutes I was outside again, freed of my pain by one simple and totally pain free session. A relief!

from Zorgkaart Nederland 9/2/2022

For years I had problems in my lower back and tailbone and I visited multiple physiotherapists and chiropractors for it. Roel made the right diagnose at the first appointment and after already 3 sessions the problems were gone. This was beyond all expectations. I thought I had to accept my pain but it turned out to be easily solvable. State of the art and treatments in a pleasant atmosphere.

from Zorgkaart Nederland 6/11/2021

After I fell at the iceskating track, I walked around with persistent tailbone pain for around 9 months. Through referral I ended up at Roel Wilbers. Where my GP told me there was nothing to do about tailbone pain, Roel helped me a lot within a few sessions. Already after the first treatment I had a significantly less pain at the tailbone. Also he is an extremely nice and friendly person. Tailbone pain? Don’t keep walking around with it, there are ways to treat it!

from Zorgkaart Nederland 7/5/2021

Treatment of tailbone pain. I got the tip to consult Roel for this and that’s something I am grateful for. Very professional and adequate treatment. After first a few questions about how the pain started, he figured out quickly what was wrong. And also how to directly fix it. I was impressed and felt immediate relief. The pain quickly decreased and after two days it was back to normal. Top! Kind regards, Tim

from Zorgkaart Nederland 5/5/2021

The therapists I was looking for for a long time! Not only he helped me surprisingly quick to get rid of my long lasting tailbone pain, he also gave me a broader perspective about how they occurred and why they didn’t go away. He goes beyond the just western approach and that’s what gave me a lot of insight. Thank you Roel!


from Zorgkaart Nederland 24/3/2021

Very good and knowledgeable therapist. He treated me for tailbone pain and sensed the problem and all around it very well. He listens carefully and looks beyond the just mechanical and treats it effective and adequate. Within three sessions I was problem free. I am very satisfied with Roel and can recommend him to everybody.

from Zorgkaart Nederland 01/08/2023

Had tailbone problems for over 3 years. After a long search eventually found this fantastic phtysiotherapist. After 1 treatment there was a huge difference and my daily activities were free of pain. I doubted to have a second session because I was able to do so much more already and after consulting with him, am happy I took that one. I am completely painfree, also after long distances of walking/biking or a lot of heavy lifting.  Roel wilbers is easy to get in touch woth and is able to help you quickly. Also the explanations about what he is going to do, what he noticed and what he did and that he likes to hear from you what you experienced, bring a nice flow to his treatments. My talbone was after two sessions completely aligned again!

from Zorgkaart Nederland 2/4/2020

I went to Roel with tailbone problems and pain. After the first treatment the problems already reduced significantly and the pain was gone. After the second treatment the problems were completely gone. Roel is one of the few therapists that is able to correct the tailbone from externally. Next to his quick and effective treatment, he is a nice and friendly therapist.

from Zorgkaart Nederland 29/7/2019

I ended up with Roel for my (spontaneous) tailbone pain because he specializes in this. I was very satisfied with the treatment and Roel listens very well to what you say and also to what the body communicates in the pain. The tailbone pain reduced significantly after each session. He is next to a professional and knowledgeable physiotherapist, someone that thinks with you, is empathetic and nice to communicate with; wherefore I can really recommend him.

from Zorgkaart Nederland 21/12/2018

Roel treated the problems in my tailbone very well and is next to a very good physio, also a very nice person!

from Zorgkaart Nederland 28/3/2022

After more than a year of pain in my tailbone after mainly long sitting, I visited Roel 4 months ago. Already after 1 treatment I was able to sit again and my problems disappeared for 70%! After a few (painfree) treatments with a pleasant and clear communication I am painfree now. I am very satisfied and super happy!